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Finished Work: Stephen

February 9th, 2010


Update! One new painting , with another in the works.


Couple of different things here, this painting is on a much larger canvas than the other portraits (33″x33″), and I stretched the canvas myself.

Finished Work: Lance and Udo

December 8th, 2009

Hey all, here’s  a couple more paintings.

Lance Udo

Finished Work: Dom

December 1st, 2009

Hey there, here’s a little update on the painting front.


Finished Work: George

November 17th, 2009

Yet another little painting.


Finished Work: Ian

October 26th, 2009

Another facial portrait practice. Acrylic on a 4″x4″ canvas.


Finished Work: Wilford and Sean

October 19th, 2009

I finished a couple of paintings with a couple more in the works.  Both are acrylic on 4″x4″ stretched canvas.  Probably put a few hours into each.

Wilford Sean